Saturday, June 12, 2010




Catch BOTH plays on the same evening

(even if it is raining outside!)


For the 1st time in klpac, two plays are being performed simultaneously

in two different locations, indoors & outdoors


YOU get to decide which play you want to see 1st!

Chronological order? Flashback to the past? ... YOU choose!


The best of Malaysian & Singaporean playwriting

included in the price of a SINGLE ticket


The directors are

(Short + Sweet 2008) Best Actor | Anugerah Seni Negara (Bakat Muda)



T4YP Alumni member, Farah Rani, in action

alongside The T4YP Ensemble's 11 young actors, raring to go!



klpac is proud to present
The Theatre For Young People Ensemble in

Past Perfect/Future Tense


Executive Producer

Dato’ Faridah Merican

Artistic Director

Joe Hasham OAM

Past Perfect


Abdul Qahar Aqilah

Written by

Mark Beau de Silva


Alexis Wong

Calvin Tan

Rakesh Kumar

Shane Capri Chin

Vincent Lai

Future Tense


Christopher Ling

Written by

Desmond Sim


Ashley Tan

Banun Atina

Dinesh Kunasekar

Nabil Zakaria

Shobana Murugiah

Yusuf Amin

Farah Rani

One Show. Two Parts. Two Locations.

You, the audience have the chance to choose which part you want to watch first! After watching one part of the show, you move on to the next location to watch the next part. Whether you watch the show as a flash back or the other way round is entirely up to you!

"Just because someone is coming from Singapore you want to forget your Hokkien? If you are so good to do something good when I didn't ask you, you must be hiding something bad."

Mama, Past Perfect

"When I was young, I used to look at the stars with Kenny. We would talk all kinds of nonsense looking up at the stars, but all the time, I would be thinking whether you were thinking of me out there in Kulim.

I wondered if you remembered me."

Andrew, Future Tense

Past Perfect takes you back in time to the childhood of Andrew and Kenny or more fondly known as Big Head and Potato head when they were living with their mother in Kulim. Their favourite aunty, Sien is coming for a visit from Singapore and the two boys are going crazy preparing for her highly anticipated arrival. But their mother doesn't seem as impressed as she should be with all their lalang-pulling and garden decorating efforts.

In Future Tense, Desmond delves into the adult versions of Andrew and Kenny, revealing elements of guilt and remorse. Aunty S is holding her 50th birthday party. It is the biggest bash she is throwing - ever - one that will celebrate her life, and everything she stands for. But her three sisters have sent their children to tell her - on the day itself - that they have decided to not show up. At first, Aunty S feigns total bafflement, but soon it becomes obvious that one generation has not been telling the other what has been brewing in the family.


Date & Time

17 – 20 June @ 8.30pm


Pentas 2 (Future Tense) & Lawn Area (Past Perfect), klpac

Ticket Price

RM35 & RM23 (Students, the disabled, and sr citizen)

Box office

Call or walk in | klpac (03 4047 9000 - ticket collection at klpac)

Call or walk in | The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 (03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 Walk in only | Axcess HQ (Jln. Semangat), Axcess 1-Utama outlet & Alamanda Putrajaya outlet

Online Purchase | via



Now in its third year, klpac's T4YP programme is the leading platform for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to express themselves by creating meaningful theatre. With a series of 7 productions back to back, Past Perfect / Future Tense will be the 2010 ensemble's first venture in a main stage performance. The T4YP 2010 Season is powered by YTL Power. For more information on T4YP, visit

T4YP’s 2010 Season is powered by:

Monday, June 7, 2010


seen you with her before. You were standing on a street and sunlight was raining down. You smiled and put your arm around her, pecked her on the cheek as she wrapped her arm around your waist. Both of you looked at each other for just a brief moment before continuing your conversation with whoever that was. And even though neither of you said a word, a million things were conveyed, just in that split second.

I want that. I want the moment that both of you shared. But I don’t want it with just anyone. I want it with you and I know that it’s impossible but it just makes me want it even more.

I want to tell you without saying, that I enjoy your company. That I feel safe and at home whenever you hold my hand. That you are possibly the best thing that has happened to my world. With just a glance, I want to express how beautiful you make me feel. With just a pat on your arm, I want you to understand that I want to be there for you. And with just a squeeze of my hand, I want you to realise that I’m afraid of losing you.

But you don’t know. It just doesn’t happen for us. I smile at you, and you smile back, but you don’t hear me. I try to tell you that I want more, but two weeks later I am still just a friend. And even when I try to articulate this growing need, you don’t hear it, at least not the way I want you to.

So don’t take your arm off her shoulder, and don’t lean away when she wraps hers around you; at least not yet. You can’t hear me yet, but if you will, just wait awhile. You can’t hear me still, and maybe you never will, but if you could, please just hold on for a little longer. You might never hear me the way you heard her, but if you can hear me now, please hold on. I don’t know for how long, but I just don’t want this thing to end."

Reblogged (?) from Belinda.

Alas, they were my thoughts exactly.

But now?

I guess I've moved on already.

Monday, May 10, 2010


It's over.
Our first T4YP production is over.
Our first 3 performing shows are over.
100-Words is over.


And when I usually have ensemble practice tonight and now I'm not, I'm missing something very meaningful, something dear to me.

I <3 T4YP ;D

It's interesting how in just over a month, we've become so close a family, together.
And it's very nice when other people tell us that we are when they look at us, the ensemble, in the spirit of family-ness, even on the stage.

And now I miss everyone, thinking of them in the midst of being in college, doing my studies, etc.

And it all started when Capri was down with H1N1.
I mean, missing her for about a week plus in mid-April makes rehearsals feel lacking of something.
And I believe that from then on, we glued together easily, never letting anyone go.
Even when Alexis came in during Capri's absence, we warmed up to her really fast, and so did she to us.

And I guess it's true what Alex and Chris said about us, this year's ensemble.
Our strength lies in having one another, each other; in other words, being a family.
And it is really a powerful tool that we have.
And most importantly, we must all stay humble, as what Alex said.
Our humility is what keeps us grounded and down to earth and it is very powerful also.

The sad thing after this show, is that we're not going to work as an ensemble again anymore. We'll be split up for Past Perfect/Future Tense,
for Buried Child/Crave,
and for Twelfth Night/Lab.
It is sad indeed, after loving the feeling of working together
and now we have to separate.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Promo Promo Promo!

Awww, shucks. 2nd semester is a weekend away D:

But never mind! I'm looking forward to a new start in college, anyways! Had to settle my subjects registration today (it was soooooo hectic, especially Millie >.< TO COMPENSATE MY 2 WEEK HIATUS FROM BLOGGING (which should never exist, considering I had holiday XD) I decided to make up for it by promoting the Season Opening Show of T4YP Season 2010!
(taken from T4YP @ KLPac)

“Science experiments and boys. First, you come up with a hypothesis: you have an idea of what’s going on and what might happen, but you need to test it out. You come up with methods, procedures, which comes first. Then the experimenting begins. Action and reaction. Some reactions, you can predict, and others, you have no idea how it happens. Confusion. The results aren’t quite what you expect. Before you repeat from square one, you discuss and analyse with other scientists, preferable experienced ones. The cycle continues until you reach a conclusion. Unless the results are too random, then you abandon everything completely.”

The T4YP Ensemble present the first-fruits of their work as an ensemble in these workshop performances directed by T4YP Team member, Alex Chua (What Does It Mean To Be Free?).

T4YP’s SEASON 2010 opens with The 100-Words Project, an eclectic collections of scenes and monologues where each performer has exactly only 100-words to say his or her piece. How much can you say with only a 100-words? More than you think.

Date/Time: 7 & 8 May @ 8.30pm, 9 May @ 3pm
Venue: Indicine, klpac
Entry by minimum donation of RM10

Presenter: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM
Executive Producer: Dato’ Faridah Merican
Director-in-Residence: Christopher Ling

Featuring: Alexis Wong | Ashley Tan | Banun Atina | Calvin Tan | Dinesh Kunasekar | Nabil Zakaria | Rakesh Kumar | Shane Capri Chin | Shobana Murugiah | Vincent Lai | Yusuf Amin with Robert Halim

Soooo, BASICALLY, come and see me act laaaaaaaa ;D along with 10 other wacky members of the 2010 ensemble >.<
  • Okay, what is this whole 100-words Project is alllll about, huh?

As aforementioned, the 100-Words Project is a collection of scenes and monologues/duologues of 100 words in length each. So, NOOOO this whole show is not only in 100 words, for those wondering ._. and, NOOOO it's not just each person one by one saying something 100 words in length -.- It's like, there are monologues, duologues, and even where 4 or 5 members carry out a scene 100 words in length. Each scene is interlinked with another scene, and the whole show revolves around a central idea, which is ******** (not gonna tell you! Spoiler alertttt >.<) As a bonus, we throw in a little dance for you guys. YES, JUST YOU GUYS WHO WILL WATCH US. Those who aren't won't know what they are missing, and should just drink some eggs and die ;D
  • What is this Theater for Young People (T4YP) supposed to be? =\
Since 2008, klpac’s Theatre For Young People (T4YP) programme has been providing a platform for young people to express themselves by creating meaningful theatre.

Once again, we would like to welcome young people between the ages of 16 to 25 years old (as of March 2010) to be part of the T4YP Ensemble as actors for Season 2010. Previous theatre experience is not essential. However, commitment, creativity and dedication are …

Season 2010 runs for a period of six months from April to September and features three mainstage productions in Pentas 2 and a 2-week season of experimental theatre in the Indicine. Throughout the season, compulsory weekly rehearsals will be held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights as well as Saturday afternoons.

The 100-Words Project
Dir: Alex Chua, Devised by the Company

Past Perfect/Future Tense
Dir: Qahar Aqilah/Christopher Ling,
Written by: Mark Beau De Silva/Desmond Sim

The IndiT4YPcine Season:
- Sam Shepard's Buried Child - Dir: Alex Chua
- Sarah Kane's Crave - Dir: Christopher Ling
- T4YP Sweatshop - Devised by the Company

T4YP Lab
Dir: Tung Jit Yang
Overseen by: Kelvin Wong

Twelfth Night
Dir: Christopher Ling,
Written by William Shakespeare
Original Songs: Elvira Arul

  • Ohhhh, so it's MEANINGFUL theater for brats like us.
  • Okay, keep talking, I'm interested. How am I supposed to go to KLPac? I don't know where that is ._.
Haha! Not surprised with this question, though. Here's an attached map to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre!

As you can see, KLPac is located along the long stretch of Jalan Ipoh madness. 2 ways you can come in: either from Jalan Kuching, if you're coming from KL, or Jalan Duta, if you're coming from PJ on the way to Bangsar.

IF YOU'RE UNABLE TO NAVIGATE YOUR WAY EVEN WITH THE MAP, there is still the option of KTM Komuter ;)

If you're coming from KL Sentral, the train to Sentul is every 30 minute intervals, from let's say 12.15 and 12.45 and so on. It's advisable to come in 10 minutes earlier just to play it safe. From then on, it's a 15 minute ride to Sentul KTM.

Upon reaching Sentul KTM, you can take a cab to Sentul West all the way to KLPac itself, although it will cost you 10 bucks *gasps* so you might wanna share it with some mates to save monehhh.

ALTERNATIVELY, there is a shortcut to KLPac from the back of the station where there is a small opening to the park. You have to cross thr railway tracks to go there (don't worry, no more trains will arrive after this one stops, so you won't dai) There will be a guard watching by so it's safe! x)

  • *gulps* How much per entry is this show? And where do I get tickets?
Typical cheap ChineseMalaysian. ENTRY IS BY MINIMUM DONATION OF RM10. MINIMUM (read it) so it's totally fine if you wanna pay more *grins*All proceeds goes into Joe Hasham's pocket the further development of KLPac :) You can call KLPac at 03-4047900 to book tickets or walk-in at Axcess to purchase tickets from there in One-Utama and Alamanda Putrajaya.
  • Alright, then! Hmmm, what should I wear for the show, ar?
Casual clothing is totally fine. Dressing up and diva-ing is totally fine. Just no birthday suits, please >.<
  • LOL! How long is the show, by the way?
Including our uber funky dance, this show is about 45 minutes in length with NO intermissions, so PEE/SHIT BEFOREHAND, KAY? :D
  • Mmkayyy. Which stage is the show at?
It will be performed at the Indicine, 2nd floor of the centre. The space can fit roughly 100 plus people, so come early and grab good seats!
  • Hoho, now I'm REALLY psyched up! What happens after the show?
We will be having light refreshments outside the Indicine, and the ensemble members will be outside too to entertain questions and queries (and autographs, chewah). After that, baliklah :)
  • Man, I can't come for one of the days! WHAT DO I DOOOOO?
NO WORRIES! We'll be performing for 3 days: 7 and 8 May (Friday and Saturday) at 8.30 p.m. and 9 May (Sunday) matinee show at 3.00 p.m. If you can't make it on Friday night, there's still 2 other shows for you to catch it!
Not an issue :D You can visit or for more details. OR don't hesitate to call KLPac at 03-40479000