Monday, May 10, 2010


It's over.
Our first T4YP production is over.
Our first 3 performing shows are over.
100-Words is over.


And when I usually have ensemble practice tonight and now I'm not, I'm missing something very meaningful, something dear to me.

I <3 T4YP ;D

It's interesting how in just over a month, we've become so close a family, together.
And it's very nice when other people tell us that we are when they look at us, the ensemble, in the spirit of family-ness, even on the stage.

And now I miss everyone, thinking of them in the midst of being in college, doing my studies, etc.

And it all started when Capri was down with H1N1.
I mean, missing her for about a week plus in mid-April makes rehearsals feel lacking of something.
And I believe that from then on, we glued together easily, never letting anyone go.
Even when Alexis came in during Capri's absence, we warmed up to her really fast, and so did she to us.

And I guess it's true what Alex and Chris said about us, this year's ensemble.
Our strength lies in having one another, each other; in other words, being a family.
And it is really a powerful tool that we have.
And most importantly, we must all stay humble, as what Alex said.
Our humility is what keeps us grounded and down to earth and it is very powerful also.

The sad thing after this show, is that we're not going to work as an ensemble again anymore. We'll be split up for Past Perfect/Future Tense,
for Buried Child/Crave,
and for Twelfth Night/Lab.
It is sad indeed, after loving the feeling of working together
and now we have to separate.